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I said awhile ago I wanted to translate Maki's Lady Miss Warp recording diaries, and I did a few before I got buried underneath study. But here are the first three, for those interested, plus a moblog entry. There are 2 new moblog entries I haven't gotten around to translating yet, and a whole bunch more of these, so when I have some free time, I'll complete the set!


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At the outset of recording the first song, with Suupaa Bataggu. It's a cover of the 1974 release "Hori Made Hitottobi" from Sadistic Mika Band's album "Black Ships". (1)
Before the recording in the studio, we enter the rehearsal studio to check out the sound. It's a very funky song and the band and singing give a great mood! Though the musicians are young, they are very skillfull, and make the song very funky. (2) Because of this, the actual recording will be right on! (3)

"Hore Made Hitottobi" was the 11th track on Lady Miss Warp.
(1): I have this album. If anyone wants to hear the original track, let me know.
(2): This is pretty appproximate, but I think it gives the gist.
(3): The word Maki used is "bacchiri". The closest translation I could find after some searching was "Right on!". She wrote it in katakana, too, and it wasn't listed in my dictionary, so it's probably just a slang version of another term.
Maki really likes the word "funky"...

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Well then, today is the actual recording with Suupaa Bataggu. With the rehearsal already completed, the actual recording was over in the blink of an eye (1)! The impression it gives is similar to that of a live recording.

I left off the last part of this entry. I wasn't really sure what Maki was trying to say, it was to do with the youth and skillfullness of the band, which we kinda picked up from the last entry. But anyway.
(1): The word Maki actually uses is "Atoiumani"- In Japanese, an exclamation (like the English OH!, for example) is written as "A" with a small "tsu" afterwards, which shows that it is a super shortened sound- Ah!. The word 'Atoiumani' literally means, "before you can say 'Ah!'". Contextually, it is of similar meaning to "in the blink of an eye", but the actual meaning is quite different.

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On two songs, there will be an appearance by Kawakami-san of Sukapara! (In this section, Maki talks about Kawakami-san's contribution to the album- he has written a song, but it is Maki's responsibility to write the lyrics. She mentions some advice he gives her- even when her dreams fade, she must capture an impression of that dream and use this, and her lyrics will be good. I understood what she wrote, but I haven't figured out exactly how to translate it.) Today we rehearsed the song with Kawakami-san. Because the song doesn't yet have lyrics, we have temporarily subistuted "Lalala......".

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"Sakura in full bloom"
(05.04.09, 19:11:36)

See the contrast between the blossoms and my residence (1). Aah, I am a Roppongi girl.(2)

(1): I was once told by my Sensei (God bless her) that when the Japanese observe the Sakura, they look not only at the flowers but at the shapes made by the spaces in between them and the contrast between the blossoms and their surroundings. Iunno how true that is, but it seems to be what Maki's getting at.
(2): Literally, "I am a Roppongi person", but I think this gets more at what Maki was saying, so I took a little creative license.

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