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P-5 nod?

I was reading through the lyrics insert of the Polysics album Polysics or Die!!!! and I noticed a lyric that is probably a nod towards P-5 from the fourth track Plus Chicker

AKAI one. Two. Three. Four. Five. Eighty-Nine!
It's baby baby baby baby portable rock!

Did P-5 coin the phrase [baby] portable rock? But, at any rate, thought that was kind of interesting.

Polysics is a really great band by the way...I guess the best way to describe them is Japanese-grungy-electro-DEVO inspired-rock. They have a really unique sound and seem to do lots of tours outside of Japan (an added bonus for anyone not living in Japan) and I'd suggest checking them out. Polysics or Die!!!! isn't my favorite Polysics's kind of like a "best of" compliation, but it's got some really great/crazy tracks like "Peach Pie on the Beach", a great re-recording of "black OUT fall OUT" and "Lookin' Lookin' GAA" which I can't even really describe.
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