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Thursday, September 27th, 2007
12:03 am
anybody interested in seeing...
This community hasn't been updated in over a year - how sad!! I think a lot of us own the US releases of P-5 albums, which are cool, but not nearly as cool as the Japanese releases. I have just a couple of releases from Japan - Playboy Playgirl (first press), Darlin' of Discotheque (single), and ROMANTIQUE '96. Anybody interested in seeing photos of the awesome packaging and extras? The stuff that came with the first press of Playboy Playgirl was amazing!!

I'd love to see your P-5 stuff too! Any Japanese releases, knick-knacks, and other random bits of memorabilia - let's share our stuff!

And finally - anybody interested in buying long out of print Japanese relases of albums, singles, etc. should go to http://www.tokyorecohan.com I've been buying from them for a year or two now and they carry some real gems at great prices. They specialize in Shibuya-Kei and other unique music from the late 80s and 90s.
Monday, March 20th, 2006
11:42 pm
A P5 musical spotting...
Just saw an episode of Futurama on Adult Swim. The episode was called 'Leela's Homeworld' (or something) and it had the one-eyed character, Leela, looking for her parents. By the end of the show, she finds them and suddenly there's a flashback sequence of Little Leela with P5's Baby Love Child (USA lyric version) playing in the background.

Friday, December 30th, 2005
8:42 am
mmm i got my first pizzicato cd in 1994 (made in usa album)

the first website i ever searched for online, when i first tried the internet, was a p5 site. i try sometimes to try and find it again, but it either changed or doesn't exist anymore. (it was all text)

I was so computer illiterate back then that i took the matador address out of the beck of the cd sleeve, wrote them a hand letter on a piece of notebook paper and asked for a catalog of any other available p5 musics....

they sent me 3 japanese ep imports, the 5x5 lp, a bag full of random matador/p5 stickers, a catalog and some random guy wrote me a hand letter back. i still have it somewhere. to this day, matador is still my #1 all-time fav. label.

did anyone else have any similar experiences? or ever get to see them live? have they ever "toured"? in the US?

any news on what the group is up to, today? or know of a good fansite with current news?

YAY! a random find of a p5 community! go us!
Thursday, December 22nd, 2005
12:23 pm
I have a confession. I've only heard of one song by P5, and that is thanks to the cartoon Futurama. I think Baby Love Child is a great song, however when I look up the lyrics online I can't find the actual ones that are in the song. Does anyone know where I can find them? I can figure out most of them, but some of the words I'm not sure on.

Saturday, November 12th, 2005
11:16 pm
Rate Your P5

Dear All,

There's a place called 'Rate Your Music', it's a major big-ass site were you can review music, make musical related lists and show off your collection. I bumped into through the message board on the official Stereolab web site in November of '04 and I have been sucked into it's vortex ever since. Check my RYM page for the gorry details!

Anyways, the site is so damned big that they even have a page for Pizzicato Five releases, import and domistic titles are all included! Their page is here. The only deal is that you have to be a member to read and post the actual reviews (outside of the star system you'll first notice on the page).

Reguardless, enjoy this place,


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Thursday, November 10th, 2005
6:28 am
Does anyone have a comprehensive list of every album, single, and EP P5 has?

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Monday, October 31st, 2005
8:56 pm
Coming (possibly) Soon...

While digging through the mountain of my packratness of me past, I had bumped into a old 1995 issue of BAM magazine with Traci Lords on the cover. The big deal HERE is there's a P5 article in it and have been tempted to type it up and post it on this board, but have been busy lately on Real Life, my second book and setting up a Josie & The Pussycats fan site.

If anybody's interested (or at least), I can type and post it here.

Any takers?


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Saturday, August 20th, 2005
10:49 am
p-5 icon update
I forgot to mention when I posted these, but I have an icon archive with a P-5 page. Most of the icons up are the same ones I posted earlier but with a black boarder, there are some new ones as well so if anyone wants more P-5 livejournal goodness: http://saturnine.sleepydumpling.com/p5.html. I don't really care what you do with them, just don't hotlink and comment if you use any.
Wednesday, August 10th, 2005
1:28 pm
I found this site through audioscrobbler, and I'm...so jealous! P-5 put out some really cool merchandise, including a real PORTABLE PLAYER! Wow! Here's the merchandise page: http://www.pizzicatofive.net/MainArchives/goods/index.html The first two items are coasters, the next item is a coffee shop apron, after that is a coffee cup & saucer, then a Playboy Playgirl calendar, message card, card and coaster, mini poster, and some other things I can't read, and then the coolest thing ever: the portable player. The link takes you to an amazon.co.jp site with what appears to be the same modeled player but without the P-5 packaging. It's somewhere around $134 if you buy it new off amazon.co.jp

Check it out, I hope you find it interesting ;)

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Monday, July 18th, 2005
11:22 pm
P-5 nod?
I was reading through the lyrics insert of the Polysics album Polysics or Die!!!! and I noticed a lyric that is probably a nod towards P-5 from the fourth track Plus Chicker

AKAI one. Two. Three. Four. Five. Eighty-Nine!
It's baby baby baby baby portable rock!

Did P-5 coin the phrase [baby] portable rock? But, at any rate, thought that was kind of interesting.

Polysics is a really great band by the way...I guess the best way to describe them is Japanese-grungy-electro-DEVO inspired-rock. They have a really unique sound and seem to do lots of tours outside of Japan (an added bonus for anyone not living in Japan) and I'd suggest checking them out. Polysics or Die!!!! isn't my favorite Polysics album...it's kind of like a "best of" compliation, but it's got some really great/crazy tracks like "Peach Pie on the Beach", a great re-recording of "black OUT fall OUT" and "Lookin' Lookin' GAA" which I can't even really describe.

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Sunday, July 17th, 2005
1:34 pm
A card (with)holding member

I was digging through my stacks of CD's earlier today and bumped into my copy of' 'Sound Of Music' which had a 'Carte Pizzicato' card inside. I was wondering if anybody has/had this card.

Don-O (member #000-0002-4661)

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Thursday, June 9th, 2005
8:37 pm
Hi guys, I have another P-5 related question - hope someone can answer it.

Well, I absolutely love the song "Good" and recently heard a different cover of the song by Polysics. I heard that Good was a cover of an 80s song and was wondering if anyone knew the original group that played Good - I'd love to hear it.

Thanks guys ^-^

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Friday, June 3rd, 2005
4:58 pm
Lurkers at Chipple.net might already know this, but:
Maki's new blog. Unfortunately, all in Japanese. And I don't see myself translating these ones. But still, maybe some of you can read these. ^^
Thursday, May 19th, 2005
4:33 pm
I said awhile ago I wanted to translate Maki's Lady Miss Warp recording diaries, and I did a few before I got buried underneath study. But here are the first three, for those interested, plus a moblog entry. There are 2 new moblog entries I haven't gotten around to translating yet, and a whole bunch more of these, so when I have some free time, I'll complete the set!


Lady Miss WarpCollapse )

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Monday, May 2nd, 2005
2:40 pm
Baby Portable Rock
I'm absolutely in love with the song Baby Portable Rock off the Combinasion Special EP and was wondering if anyone could provide a translation of the interview before the song starts? I know it's a pretty random request, but the more I hear it the more I wish I understood more than "thanks! good! the album's great!"

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Wednesday, April 13th, 2005
11:03 pm


I don't have much to add here other than 1) introducing myself 2) I'm a P5 fan and 3) I only discovered that the band broke up a year after they did (well, there's Swing Out Sister but that's for another LJ community).

!) My LJ name is Don-O

2) Became a fan when I heard 'Twiggy Vs. James Bond' on the old KROQ during the hight of the lounge revival of the 90's. It sounded too goofy and off beat to be on commercial radio, thus I instantly loved it and went out and got their albums.

3) I dicovered that they broke up a year after they did. Which shows you how out of step I about these fandom things.

Bonus factoid 4) I have many Anime faboys/girls who claim to know Japanese pop music like the back of thier hands, but they scratch thier collective heads when I pop in P5 in the stereo. Go figger...

Thank you and good night,


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Monday, March 28th, 2005
12:43 pm
Maki's MoBlog entries, Part 1
Here they are, as requested, the first 29 of Maki Nomiya's Mobile Blog entries (diary entries accompanied by a picture which she types on her cellphone and sends to have directly uploaded onto her website).

If you would like to see the Japanese originals, please see the appropriate section of Maki's website,

All dates, by the way, are in year-month-date format, as per Maki's original Japanese.

Disclaimers: I translate these because I'm bored. I am NOT fluent in Japanese. I'm not even GOOD at Japanese. All these translations are made possible with thanks to NJStar Japanese Word Processor and my friends, who I occasionally harass for kanji readings.
I have tried to get them as accurate as possible. However, I make mistakes. If you read Maki's actual entries and see some glaringly obvious error here, please let me know, but don't get down on me because of my poor translation skills. I post them here because I want others to be able to read them also.
All translations are sort of approximate- Japanese sentence structure is VERY different from English, so sometimes even when I understand a sentence in Japanese, it is hard to get it EXACTLY the same way in English. I try to write them so that they make as much sense as possible. If you want me to translate a webpage for you, you can ask, but I probably won't be able to.

If anyone wants to use any of these translations (though I'm not sure why you would), please ask me first. Also, the images are all on my own server. They are also, obviously, available from Maki's site. Please don't direct link them from me if you want to use them for anything.

All future entries will be posted at my blog, which is currently down. For the meantime, they will be posted at my Livejournal. Occasionally I may post here to let people know that there are new entries, but unless someone specifically requests otherwise, I won't post every entry here- they're only a couple lines long and she posts pretty often. Let me know if you have other ideas, though.

I'll soon be translating Maki's photo descriptions from her photo album, also, so I will keep you posted.

Finally, enjoy!

Oshare Techou Asahi BunkoCollapse )

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2:09 am
Wow, this community is so new and it's already half dead.
So I will introduce myself- I am Jo, aged 16, Australia-residing.

The reason I bother to post is because I am a huge Maki Nomiya fan. I have recently spent all my free minutes online translating messages from Maki's Mobile Blog into English. I am considering starting a Maki fansite, since there's a definite lack of information on her in English on the web, and these translations will form part of that.

For the mean time, I thought I would offer them here (there are 29, complete with html tags and my bad translation notes).

So, if anyone is interested in reading them, give me a comment and I will post them up at my journal.

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Saturday, January 1st, 2005
12:47 pm
I noticed that while there were a couple (not very active) communities for shibuya-kei music, there weren't any for Pizzicato Five. So I started one. Yeah.

Actual content to come later.
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